• No refunds. Voucher will be issued if class cancelled correctly.


  • No refunds. Perishable items cannot be returned due to the fact that a customer had a change of mind in respect of the particular purchased item. This is due to public and food safety regulations.
Evening Fun Classes

These classes were developed for participants to kick off their shoes after a long day at work and relax in a short chocolate class of pure indulgence!
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Master Classes

Master Classes
Acquire professional techniques with these decadent recipe chocolate classes, designed for semi-professional and professional participants. Perfect for budding home bakers who are looking to challenge themselves with popular and new recipes.
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Seasonal Classes

Monthly Specials
Our passionate Master Chocolatiers created these very unique and fun classes to truly embrace special seasons throughout the year. 
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Team Building Classes

Private Functions / Team Building Classes
Perfect for corporates, family and friends who are looking to book a private class which comprises of active participation with teams. Ideal for year end functions, kitchen teas, bachelorettes etc.
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